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Leadership Fitness® Package:

Leadership is an everyday behavior. Many people go to leadership training and never change their behavior. Attending leadership training is of no use unless a person is willing to change their behavior. To be physically fit requires a person to exercise daily and have a sound nutrition plan. Leadership is no different. You have to use your leadership skills everyday and provide yourself the tools to keep your leadership skills sharp.

Thousands of dollars are spent every year sending people to leadership training, but the return on investment from the dollars expended is low. It’s like sending someone to Crossfit training, sure when they graduate they will be fit, and may even maintain their fitness for a short period of time. But if they do not stick with what they have taught, then they will fall out of shape. The same is true when it comes to leadership. You need to use leadership skills everyday. That is where Leadership Fitness® can help. Through a 12 week program you will learn to change your behavior and maintain that behavioral change for the rest of your life. During this program you will get a detailed look at your current self, and through weekly coaching sessions, learn to adapt new leadership skills along with learning how to be flexible in your leadership styles.

The plan includes:

- The DISC behavioral style assessment

- The Values assessment

- The Leadership Challenge 360 assessment

- 12 personalized executive coaching sessions

- Your own personal Leadership Fitness development workbook and plan

- Several reading materials to assist you in your Leadership Fitness journey

- A daily Leadership Fitness plan

This is a very intensive course, but worth the effort.  Want to lead better today and in the future, then this is the program for you.